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Report Birth Abroad

Reporting of Birth Abroad

The Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA, or Form FS-240) is an official record confirming that a child born abroad to a U.S. citizen parent or parents acquired U.S. citizenship at birth and serves as proof of citizenship.

Applying For a Report of Birth and Passport for Your Child

The Embassy urges all parents, who are applying for reports of birth and passports for their children to read the following information carefully.

CRBA Application Requirements

New procedures implemented for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad (CRBA)

Effective June 3, 2015, the first appointment will be ONLY for the payment of the applicable fees and for the submission of the application and the required documents. Only one parent needs to appear for the appointment; the child does not need to be present.

Once the review of the documents has been completed, you will receive an email notification of the date of your next appointment and of any additional required documentation. Generally, this appointment will take place within two weeks of the original appointment date. At that second appointment, both parents and the child must appear. All original documents will be returned to you then.

Once approved by a consular officer, the CRBA will generally be ready for pick-up in two weeks. Please note that while the passport application is a separate process, the application can be submitted at the same time as the CRBA.

Please read all information on this page carefully to understand the application process, including the preparation of the documents. If you do not bring the required documentation, we will suspend processing of the application, and you may be required to schedule another appointment.

Note: The CRBA checklist may specify that you bring the original along with photocopies of the document/s.  Please bring photocopies when requested.

  • CRBA checklist.  Please note that the CRBA checklist is just a guide. Make sure to still read the specific instructions about the CRBA requirements found on this page.  Click to print CRBA Checklist (PDF 256KB). One passport photograph of the child. The photo must be 2in x 2in (5cm x 5 cm) in dimension, set against a white background. For more information click here for U.S. Passport Photograph Acceptance Guide. (PDF 256KB)
  • Unsigned, completed Application for CRBA (form DS-2029). Please read and follow the "Instructions Page of the CRBA form" when filling it out. Complete the application but do not sign this form until the Consular Officer requests your signature during the appointment. Click here for the application for Consular Report of Birth Abroad (form DS-2029) (PDF 52 KB). 
  • The child's original Lebanese birth certificate, an official English translation, as well as copies of both.  
  • Photo identification of child, if available.
  • Both parents’ current passports, as well as copies. The U.S. citizen parent(s) must present his/her current U.S. passport.
  • If applicable, parents' marriage certificate.  Please bring the original marriage certificate, plus an official translation, as well as a copy of both. 
  • If applicable, original divorce decree(s), annulment decree(s), death certificates, as well as copies of the originals. The mother and/or father will need to show termination of all prior marriages. If the U.S. citizen parent is deceased, please provide an original death certificate. Please bring official translations if the decrees or certificates are not in English.
  • If applicable, documentary evidence of either U.S. citizen parent's physical presence in the U.S. The regulations require that the U.S. citizen parent(s) convince the consular officer that they physically resided in the United States for a defined period of time. Regularly available documents that may establish physical presence in the U.S. before the child's birth include: high school and college transcripts, W2s, tax returns, old passports, and a DD-214 Separation Statement (Military Members only). There are many other documents that may be submitted to demonstrate previous physical presence in the U.S., and the Consular Officer will evaluate any of these.
  • Non-Refundable Application Fee for CRBA. The fee for a CRBA is $100 (or L.L. equivalent). Payment will be made at the Consular Section's Cashier on the day of the first appointment, in cash (either dollars or L.L.).

During the CRBA application process, parents may opt to apply for the child's first passport. Please come prepared with the following additional forms and expectations:

  • Unsigned, completed Application for a U.S. passport (Form DS-11). This form may be completed online and printed out prior to the interview. Click here for Form DS-11 wizard. Complete but do not sign this form until the Consular Officer requests you do so. For children under the age of 16, both parents/legal guardians are required to come to the Embassy in person to accompany the child. In the box for the Social Security number,  please use all zeros for children who have not yet applied for their Social Security number.
  • Passport Fee. The passport fee for a child under 16 is $105 (or L.L. equivalent); for those 16 and over, the fee is $135 (or L.L. equivalent). 
  • If one of the parents of the child under the age of 16 is abroad, an original Statement of Consent Form (Form DS-3053) (PDF 28 KB) signed by the absent parent must be presented. The form must be notarized by a U.S. notary or consular officer.

For Social Security Number applications, parents may apply once the child's first passport has been issued. To do so, go to the Social Security Administration website and fill out form SS-5-FS if applying for a passport, and one of the parents can sign later when they pick up the passport.

Book an Appointment

U.S. Embassy Beirut has established an online appointment system for CRBA applications.  After gathering all required documentation, you may schedule an appointment to submit application and supporting forms. Note, you must pay all required fees at that time. 

First Appointment

  • For your first appointment (as of June 3), you will only pay the necessary fees, and drop off the application and supporting documentation.  Only one parent needs to appear for this appointment; the child does not need to be present.
  • Please be aware that you must have a separate appointment slot for each of your children for whom you are applying. The children may be scheduled on the same date as long as each child has his/her own slot and individual appointment confirmations.   
  • As there are many people seeking appointments, we ask you to please cancel your appointment if you will be unable to come to the Embassy.
  • Select the service "Report the birth abroad of a child of a U.S. citizen" on the appointment system.
  • On the day of your appointment, please arrive at the Embassy at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Please bring the confirmation printout, the CRBA checklist, and supporting documents. 
  • Click here to schedule your first appointment. 

Second Appointment

  • Once we have reviewed your application and support documents, you will receive an email notifying you of your next appointment date.  PLEASE DO NOT SCHEDULE YOUR OWN ACS APPOINTMENT FOR THIS INTERVIEW.
  • This should take place within two weeks of your first appointment. 
  • Both parents and the child must be present at the interview. 
  • If we request additional documentation, you must bring that documentation to the interview.
  • On the day of your appointment, please arrive at the Embassy at least 15 minutes before your scheduled time.  Please bring the email confirmation of your appointment.  

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