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Visa Services

Different requirements for passport standards

The Lebanese government, IATA, and individual airlines and countries have different requirements for passport standards, and there have been some recent changes.  If you have a U.S. visa in your passport or travel document, this means the passport or travel document was acceptable for U.S. travel at the time of the visa issuance.  This is not, however, a guarantee that an airline or another government will allow you to travel with that passport/travel document.  Please check with the Lebanese government, any third countries you will transit, and your airline if you have questions about their requirements. 

If you need a new passport due to changing regulations by Lebanon and/or IATA, you may continue to use your valid U.S. visa in an expired/canceled passport so long as there are no changes to your biodata information.  For minor children whose visa was issued in their mother’s passport and who now have their own passports, they will require a new U.S. visa.  When in doubt about whether you can use your old visa/passport, we encourage you to apply for a new U.S. visa in your new passport. 

Non-Immigrant Visa Appointment System

Nonimmigrant visa applicants can fill out the visa application form DS-160 online, pay the application fee at Credit Libanais, and schedule the appointment online.  Scheduling the appointment can be done 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the comfort of home in English, Arabic, or French at

Applicants can access this online system to also learn about non-immigrant visa classes, schedule a non-immigrant visa interview appointment up to several months in advance, ask questions via email, and check on the status of their non-immigrant visas.

Applicants will also be able to call a Call Center to make an appointment or have their questions answered.  Applicants can reach Call Center representatives available in Arabic, English, and French seven days a week, excluding U.S. and Lebanese holidays, from 7:00 a.m. to 7 p.m., Lebanon time at 01-964-659.  Callers in the U.S. can speak to a Call Center representative in Arabic, English and French 7:00am – 3:00pm, Eastern Standard Time seven day a week, excluding U.S. and Lebanese holidays at 1-703-520-2244.  Information services will also be provided through chat and Skype on the website. 

Emails are usually responded to within one business day and most of the calls are answered in 45 seconds.

Applicants do not have to pay to make another appointment if they missed their first one - they can reschedule for free.  

Applicant's personal information and transactions on this website are secured with a Web server certificate through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption. Login information will allow you to access the Website and schedule/reschedule as many times as you would like before the reschedule/cancel deadline in the confirmation email. 

We recommend applicants apply as soon as they know they want to travel, rather than wait to the last minute.  The availability of appointments can be affected by demand and the availability of consular officers.  Spring and summer are always busier than fall and winter. Apply well in advance before the intended travel date when there are appointments available. Do not buy airline tickets until the non-immigrant visa in hand!  Applicants who feel the travel situation is an emergency should refer to the Expedited Appointments information located in the left hand menu on for more information.

Applicants who want to add a family member(s) after they have scheduled an appointment will need to cancel their appointment first.  Please note, depending on the calendar availability, there is no guarantee that they will be able to schedule the same date and time as originally scheduled.  When the appointment is cancelled, applicants will be prompted to add a family member.  Applicants will need the DS-160 confirmation number and the MRV fee receipt number for each family member that they add.

Applicants may not change or cancel any of the family member's appointments including theirs on the date of the appointment.   They must wait until the day after the scheduled appointment in order to schedule again.  Applicants should reschedule or cancel appointments as soon as they know that they cannot attend their scheduled date.   The appointment is non-transferable.  Only the person(s) scheduled will be allowed to enter and attend the appointment.  Another person cannot attend the appointment.

Address and Contact Information

The Embassy is located in Awkar, off the Dbayeh Highway, facing the Awkar Municipal Building. The Consular Section provides full Non-immigrant and Immigrant Visa Services.

The Nonimmigrant Visa Section at the U.S. Embassy does not take phone calls.

For the Department of State Consular homepage, please visit

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